SEA EventPlus Service Agreement

SEA EventPlus, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, and the client, hereinafter referred to as the “Client”, agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Services: The Company agrees to provide the services detailed in the order quote, and the final delivery will reflect the files received from the Client.

  2. Fees: The Client agrees to pay the Company’s fee for the services provided. First-time clients are required to pay in full before the services begin. For repeating clients, payment arrangements can be made by contacting [email protected].

  3. Cancellation or Withdrawal by Client: The Company does not accept cancellation or withdrawal by the Client due to the non-returnable nature of event planning services and the costs incurred in managing and scheduling vendors and suppliers. If the Client decides not to proceed with a service that has been ordered but not initiated, a cancellation penalty fee of 15% will be applied. If the service has already started and the Client decides to stop it, no refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

  4. Additional Fees: Additional fees will be payable if additional services are required, including but not limited to, changes made by the Client to the event planning services after the order form has been submitted or changes requested by the Client after the delivery of the service. Additional fees will be agreed upon by the Company and the Client.

  5. Client’s Review of Service: Upon receipt of the services provided by the Company, the Client shall review them within 30 days and notify the Company of any necessary corrections. The Company shall correct, at no cost to the Client, any errors made by the Company.

  6. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure: All knowledge and information that the Client has identified in writing as confidential that the Company acquires during the term of this agreement regarding the business and products of the Client shall be maintained in confidence by the Company and shall not be divulged or published by the Company or authorized by the Company to be divulged or published by others. The Company may disclose confidential information to the extent that it is required to do so by law, in connection with any legal or arbitration proceedings, or in order to establish, exercise or defend its legal rights under this agreement and applicable law.

  7. Property and Copyright: Upon the completion of payment in full, the service provided by the Company will be the property of the Client. The Company holds and retains the copyright of the service until full payment of its services has taken place. The Client will obtain the rights to the material prior to any publication or use of the service. The Company has no obligation to take any steps to protect any copyright, trademark or other right of the Client with respect to the service. However, the Company shall have the right to retain file copies of the service provided, subject to the provisions of paragraph 6 above.

  8. Indemnification and Hold Harmless by Client: The Client agrees to indemnify and hold the Company harmless from any and all losses, claims, damages, expenses, or liabilities (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) which the Company may incur based on information, representations, reports, data, or product specifications furnished, prepared, or approved by the Client for use by the Company in the work performed under this agreement.

  9. Changes by Third Parties: The Company shall not be responsible for any changes made to the service by third parties.

  10. Company’s Limited Liability: In recognition of the relative risks and benefits of the project to both the Client and the Company, the risks have been allocated such that the Client agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to limit the liability of the Company to the Client for any and all claims, losses, costs, damages of any nature whatsoever or claims expenses from any cause or causes, including attorneys’ fees and costs and expert witness fees and costs, so that the total aggregate liability of the Company to the Client shall not exceed $ 10,000.

    11. Governing law: This Agreement shall be governed by Republic of Singapore Law.

    12. Complete Agreement: This form and the quote presented by the Company are the complete agreement of the parties as to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all previous understandings and agreements between the parties, whether oral or written. This Agreement becomes a binding contract when accepted by the Client by providing payment by any means or, also, by submitting a purchase order to the Company.

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